Introducing The Game Dungeon!

I just wanted to make an introductory post to talk a bit about my past mmo experiences and what I want to do with this blog.

I started my journey into the world of MMORPGs with the original EQ. I’m sad to say that I didn’t get to experience the game in it’s prime nor any of the end game content that it had to offer. I started playing it pretty late and made it to about level 55 before SOE released EQ II. With the release of EQ II I decided I was probably too far behind in the original EQ to catch up and made the transition to it’s successor.

While EQ II is technically my second in mmo in a lot of ways I think of it as my first. It was the first one I hit the level cap in, and the first one in which I experienced endgame content. It was a very enjoyable game and sometimes I wish my friends had stuck with it, but they moved to WoW and I followed.

When I started WoW I was pretty much anti-PvP as were my friends, thus we chose to play on a PvE realm. Well around the mid 30s or so I finally decided to try playing in a battleground. I was instantly hooked! The battlegrounds were actually fun for me, and my friends were also enjoying them. We were still, however, pretty skeptical about PvP servers, but a few short weeks after reaching the level cap and making our way through Molten Core the guild we had joined fell apart. We found ourselves bored and so while we searched for a new guild we decided to try out one of the PvP servers. Much to our surprise we were actually having fun leveling again! It added this whole new element in having to watch out for players while doing our quests, or traveling around the world. We found it exciting and before we new it the experimental PvP server had become our new permanant residence!

Hopefully this post will give people some insight into my views on various games and topics, each of the above were my first experiences with some of the major aspects of the mmo genre. I’ve played other mmos to some degree or other but my most extensive experiences come from those 3 titles. Some other mmos that I have a bit of experience with Include Eve Online FF XI and LotRO.

As for this blog…I want to use it to discuss my views on many games and gaming related topics. I will focus primarily on MMOGs, however if I find a good single player title that I’m really enjoying I’ll probably talk about that here as well. In the near future my primary topics are likely to be related to World of Warcraft as it’s my current mmo, and Aion as it’s really gotten my interest peaked recently. I’ll be participating in the Aion Beta test this weekend and I’m sure I’ll have something to comment on there – as well as some amazing screenshots to post as it’s a visually stunning game!

Thanks for reading can’t wait to get this thing rolling!


2 Responses to “Introducing The Game Dungeon!”

  1. July 18, 2009 at 10:52 am

    Welcome to the MMO blogesphere!

  2. 2 veksar
    July 19, 2009 at 12:59 am

    Thanks for the welcome! It’s actually pretty exciting to get a comment from you as I’ve been reading your blog for a bit now. Also I’m a big fan of the Shut Up We’re Talking podcast! =)

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