Fare Thee Wow…err Well

Saying goodbye to an MMO is never easy. Even when you think it is easy and you think “man I’m so done with this game!” often we find ourselves unable to resist returning later if not sooner. And so not for the first time I find myself ready to say goodbye to WoW. I’ve left the game a couple of times already only to return and jump back into it as fully as I had to start with.

I’ve gone through quite a lot of “phases” during my time with WoW. In Vanilla WoW I started off playing a human warlock primarily participating in the endgame raiding activities of the day. I took her through all of Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. It didn’t last however and my friends and I found ourselves rerolling horde, and this time around I jumped into the PvP scene. I joined a PvP guild with my druid and had great fun running battlegrounds with that guild. It was quite exhilarating to be the guild’s primary flag runner for Warsong Gulch!

Once the Burning Crusade released I decided I wanted to get back into endgame raiding, but not with my druid…it was time to reroll once more! This time however I stayed on the same server and started working on a blood elf paladin. I hit level 70 and joined an amazing guild that was just getting started. We made our way through Karazhan, then Gruul’s Lair, and before we new it we were catching up to the major guild’s on the server! Unfortunately while working on Magtheridon the guild went through a small meltdown…Our guild leader decided he couldn’t deal with the stress of leading a guild any longer and disbanded us while we were in progress of a Gruul kill! A few of us started trying to pull the guild back together but inevitably some people left. Several went to some of the guilds that were further along than we were, and some just quit or transferred. Fortunately for us we were able to hold on to most of the core members of the guild minus it’s former leadership.

Offtanking on Felmyst!

Offtanking on Felmyst!

So now with our reformed guild, under a new name and new leadership(I suddenly found myself as a guild officer and the guild’s raid leader!) we began to progress once again. We had to work our way back through some of the old content that we had previously cleared and then on into the content that we had been excitedly ready to tackle! Once again we were catching some of the top guilds on the server, and in a short time after rebuilding we were positioned in the second place spot under the guild whom had claimed the top spot since Vanilla WoW. We continued to progress through the tier 5 content until at last I began to feel bit burnt out with the game and so I said farewell to my guild and took my leave.

A couple months later I felt the call to return to the game. Upon returning I found that my former guild was now the top guild on the server due to the previously top guild having disbanded, for reasons unknown to me. Some of its former members left for other servers and a few joined up with our guild. At time of my return the guild didn’t have a raid spot available for me, and so I watched as they made their way through the tier 6 content. They killed Illidan about two weeks before the Sunwell Isle was introduced into the game! Things seemed to be going quite well, but the week after the first Illidan kill the guild’s main tank ninja transferred to another server to play with a guild that had been farming Black Temple for months. This action caused a lot of unrest within the guild and in short order many of it’s members began to seek greener pastures and so moved on to other servers as well.

Luckily for me this meant I now had a raid spot once again! The guild didn’t need healers so I found myself raiding as retribution and occasionally protection. Unfortunately the guild had been set back a good bit, but we soldiered on and kept recruiting new players. Miraculously many of the core players from the original guild were still present! In short time we had once again cleared all the tier 6 content and began to make our way into the Sunwell! The Sunwell raids were such a great and memorable experience from my time in WoW! We had so much fun while doing that content, and the bosses there offered a challenge the likes of which WoW had never before seen. The M’uru fight in particular was quite hard and It really offered an amazing sense of achievement when we finally took him down!

First Muru Kill!

First Muru Kill!

Finally Wrath of the Lich King was released, once again I saw this as a good oppurtunity to reroll. I had been working on a warrior alt and had decided that I would make him my new main. I worked on leveling him for a few days after the expansion launched, but decided to try out a death knight in order to take a break from leveling. I ended up enjoying the death knight so much I decided to make him my new main instead! A few weeks later my guild started raiding the newly re-tuned naxxramas.

It seemed we had to many people who had rerolled death knight, and being one of the last to decide to switch I decided to level my pally once again as we seemed to be short in that area. Another couple weeks and my pally is now also level 80. So raiding I went and it didn’t take me long to realize that I really wasn’t having much fun. The new raid content was so easy that by the time I had gotten my pally to 80 my guild had already cleared almost all the content the game had to offer. The challenge that I had so enjoyed during the Burning Crusade was gone! I was highly disappointed.

With nothing else to do I decided to turn to PvP. I didn’t like playing a retribution paladin in PvP, so I decided to pick my death knight back up. I found a holy paladin to play with, and we began our journey into the season 6 WoW arena. We were doing fairly well, especially considering neither of us had ever PvPed on our classes before. We got to 1850 in no time and had our tier 1 PvP weapons to show for it! It was very exciting, but disaster struck! My partner tells me he finds the arena PvP too stressful, and wants to quit. So I find myself looking for a new partner to no avail. A real life friend of mine (who was on my 3s team with his warrior) suggests we transfer off our low population server to higher population server to make our search for arena partners a bit easier. I was reluctant to transfer personally as this server had been my home for quite some time, but he finally convinced me by offering to pay for my transfer…We did a bit of research and decided that Laughing Skull would be our new home!

First DK on Server with Undying!

First DK on Server with Undying!

Unfortunately transferring was not it seemed the answer to our problems! After about 2 weeks of searching and neither of us managing to find a partner to play 2s with he decided he would gear up my pally for healing so that he and I could just arena with each other. So I agreed to let him transfer the pally to a new account. This ended up being a great move for us and we quickly climbed the arena ladders! We actually really blew away my own personal expectations for what we would be able to achieve this season. I was very surprised and excited the day that we hit 2350 and could get tier 2 weapons! That was about the time that the fun ended sadly. We climbed just a bit higher to about 2390 or so, before hitting what felt like a wall of death knight/druid teams! It seemed that no matter what strategy we tried or how well we played we just couldn’t get a kill on this comp accept when they made some pretty serious errors.  After tanking about 100 points to this one comp in about a week, we both decided that it was time to give up WoW. We just weren’t having fun with any aspect of this game any longer. There are too many problems with the game balance in arena PvP for it to be as enjoyable as it could be. I think 3.2 will likely help to solve at least some of the balance issues, but ultimately it’s just too little too late for me.

As I bid farewell to WoW once more, I couldn’t help but think back to some of the great times that I’ve had along the way. I’ve had some great fun and met some great people! I also find myself wondering will this be the last time I quit WoW? I actually do think that this is probably the last time I quit WoW… I’m sure I’ll come back when the next expansion is released just to check it out… I’ve done the same thing for EQ II and each of it’s expansions, but I don’t think I’ll be staying for any extended periods again. The one thing I think would have the potential to pull me back into WoW right now is the rated battleground system Blizzard has said they are working on! Only time will tell. Farewell World of Warcraft, it’s been fun!


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