Aion 1.5 Patch Notes Updated!


The Korean test servers have been updated with a new version of the 1.5 patch. When Aion launches in North America it will be launching with the 1.5 version update. Here is a list of the new changes courtesy of Aion Source:

-Instance time limits have been changed. Fort-based instances now have a re-entry timer of 18 hours, Dark Poeta’s has increased from six to twelve hours while Draubniru has decreased to 6 hours.
-A substantial increase in party quests for the Elten and Morheim regions.
-Minor buffs to the Gladiator and Chanter classes.
-New stats have been added:

  • Cast speed
  • Hate building (Agro)
  • A resistance stat specifically for Crowd-Control spells, never again shall you be turned into a sheep! (We totally didn’t forget to mention this earlier… no)

You can find the full patch notes here.


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