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Aion Cinematic Intro

The folks over at NC Soft have now produced a cinematic intro video for their upcoming title Aion! The video is very well done! The excitement level for this game continues to escalate! I’ve also included the opening cut scenes for both Asomdian and Elyos if you haven’t seen them yet! I hate to say it, but I think the Elyos opening is much better than the Asmodian opening! =(

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What’s in a Name?

Some good news for those who were stressing about the excessive limit to guild names in Aion. Ayase has announced that they will be increasing the character limit for the western version of the game! Here is the quote:

I don’t know if this is something we’ll be able to get in there for the next event or at launch, but there will be a substantial increase of length for legion names.

As for character names, I’m unsure, there will definitely be convention alterations, but I’ll let it remain unsaid whether or not the maximum length will be changed.

Now Ayase says he doesn’t know if this will be implemented in time for launch, but I certainly hope so as I know this will affect many guilds out there!

The bit about character names is also interesting. He says there will be convention alterations. Hopefully that means that there will be no more capital letters in the middles of peoples names, or people with every other letter capitalized, and lets not forget people with numbers in their name!(the last item i’ve only heard of and haven’t witnessed myself, so not entirely sure on the accuracy of that bit) I am very happy to hear about this! It’s bad enough to see 20 people running around with various spellings of Legolas and Arthas without seeing a bunch morons named LeGoLaS or Arthas285…


When it Rains, it Pours

If you look closely you can see where a hole was burned through the middle of the fan!

If you look closely you can see where a hole was burned through the middle of the fan!

Things have been going downhill for me recently. I don’t think it’ll come as a shock to anyone when I say our economy is firmly in the toilet. My work has been hit by it and thus my hours at work have been drastically cut back(I’m only working 15 hours this week). So I’ve been searching for a second job recently. Of course in this bad economy more companies are letting people go than are bringing in new people. To top it off as I sit down to play the Aion beta this weekend I find that my video card has pretty much fried.

I guess the fan on the video card quit for whatever reason, and the card over heated causing the fan to melt! As you can imagine this means I was unable to get anything done that I was hoping for during this weekends beta! I’m not sure, but I think the computer is out of warranty now. I need to dig up the paper work. If I’m right though, I’m pretty well screwed. With the hard times at work right now, there’s no way I can afford a new video card anytime soon. Which leaves me doing all of my internet activities on my laptop. My laptop runs WoW just fine, but Aion? We’ll see next Beta weekend…

/crosses fingers


Beta Weekend Bash!

Here’s a new Trailer for the 1.5 patch that Aion is shipping with for the Western market!

Aion’s next Beta weekend is just a few hours away! I’m really excited to be playing this weekend with the addition of the voice overs present. Over the course of this weekend I hope to get my (currently level 16) Templar to around level 20-22 or so. That should give me a good chance to finally test out the grouping aspect of the game that I’ve really been looking forward to. In adittion I hope to start a new character and play it to level 10, to see all the low level content with the new tutorials and voice overs in place. Finally I’m going to try and squeeze in a little crafting if I can manage. I’m generally not a crafter, but I’d at least like to see what it’s like.

Well stay tuned, and I’ll have lot’s to talk about after this weekend I’m sure!


Aion Voice Over Previews!

The Aion dev team has posted a few clips of voice overs from the game on their twitter feeds!

Voice Sample 1 – Asmodian

Voice Sample 2 – Asmodian

Voice Sample 3 – Elyos

Voice Sample 4 – Elyos

Voice Sample 5 – Mau

The first 2 voice over samples come from the final cut scene for the Asmodian ascension quest. They seem to be pretty well done, and match the characters well as far as I can remember. Their tones seem appropriate to the situation at hand. The third one on the other hand I’m not familiar with so it’s harder to judge if it’s well done or not. The tone sounds rather sarcastic to me, so assuming that the tone fits in with the situation that it’s tied to, then I would say it seems to be good also.

I’m quite excited about being able to play the game with the voice overs in! What do you guys think are you excited to try the game with the voice overs implemented!? What are your opinions of the voice over samples we were given??


Aion CBT5 This Weekend!


The next Aion Beta event will be taking place this weekend. The servers are set to come online  Friday July 31 at 12:oo pm PDT, and remain online until Monday August 3rd at 12:00 PDT. We get some exciting news today related to this weekend’s Beta event, we’re finally going to get to play the game with the english voice overs!

Closed Beta event #5 (CB5) is incoming, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s coming with a respectable shipment of fixes, improvements and fine additions which we have worked hard to complete since the previous event. Continue reading ‘Aion CBT5 This Weekend!’


Aion 1.5 Patch Notes Updated!


The Korean test servers have been updated with a new version of the 1.5 patch. When Aion launches in North America it will be launching with the 1.5 version update. Here is a list of the new changes courtesy of Aion Source:

-Instance time limits have been changed. Fort-based instances now have a re-entry timer of 18 hours, Dark Poeta’s has increased from six to twelve hours while Draubniru has decreased to 6 hours.
-A substantial increase in party quests for the Elten and Morheim regions.
-Minor buffs to the Gladiator and Chanter classes.
-New stats have been added:

  • Cast speed
  • Hate building (Agro)
  • A resistance stat specifically for Crowd-Control spells, never again shall you be turned into a sheep! (We totally didn’t forget to mention this earlier… no)

You can find the full patch notes here.

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