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The Cataclysm

BlizzConThere’s been a bit of speculation around the blog community lately about the upcoming Blizzcon and the next WoW expansion. I thought I’d take some time and talk about what I expect the new WoW expansion to bring to the game.

Level Increase

Nothing special here, the level cap will go up ten levels once again. There will be new achievements for being the first person of your race/class to hit the new level cap.

New Professions

I think there will be another new profession. Just kind of a safe bet here, they’ve added a new profession with each expansion. What will the new profession be? That’s tough to say. I’ve wracked my brain on this point, and I just can’t think of any new professions to be added based on the current game content. I’m sure Blizzard will come up with some new profession that I can’t think up.

New Races and Classes

So we’ve heard that supposedly it’s official that Worgen’s will be a part of the Alliance and Goblins will be part of the Horde. This seems odd to me. I could see Goblins being part of either faction, but Worgen’s as part of the Alliance faction? That just doesn’t really seem logical… Then again they pulled blue spacegoats out of nowhere for BC! To be honest though I kind of have a hard time believing this will be the case until Blizz confirms it.

I don’t think they will introduce any new classes. There’s already 10 classes in WoW and each one has 3 specs. In a way there are really 30 classes in the game, and Blizz is already having a hard enough time balancing the existing classes. I think the best thing for the game from a balance standpoint would be to not introduce any new classes, and I think Blizzard knows this.


I think it’s pretty much given at this point that the new expansion will be set in the Maelstrom. I don’t know enough about the lore and history of the maelstrom to speculate on what kind of heroes or villains might show up there.

I think they will introduce a couple new maps for the Arena, and at least one new battleground. I thnk that the new battleground system that they have been discussing will appear with this expansion also rather than with the 3.3 patch.

Release Date

I’m going to call a july 2010 release date!

I wonder if i’m anywhere close on any of these points? Guess we’ll find out in the coming weeks!


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