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Microtransactional Warfare!

microtransactions baby!

It seems to be the case these days that everyone falls on one side or other of the microtransaction debate. I happen to fall on the side that’s not so in favor of it. Which is why I feel I should reply to the article from Massively’s Colin Brennan, about Champions Online’s use of a standard subscription model and microtransactions on top of that.

Now Champions Online is not the first game to do this, and I doubt they will be the last. In his article Colin notes that World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, and Xbox Live all use microtransactions on top of a subscription fee. Personally I don’t see what Blizzard does with WoW as microtransactions, and I’ll discuss more on that later. CoH I’ve never actually played, and Xbox Live absolutely does use microtransactions. Continue reading ‘Microtransactional Warfare!’


Would You Play a More “Hardcore” MMO?

For some time now it seems that everytime I see a blog or forum post where someone is reminiscing about one of the old school MMOs like EverQuest someone always has to jump in with the “Everquest was horrible!” and “There will never be another game with such “harsh” gameplay!” Now I can’t help but think to myself why can’t there be another game like that? I for one long to play a game that is full of challenges! A game that doesn’t get nerfed everytime some whiny little brat makes a forum post about how he doesn’t have all the epic loot in the game yet!? As a matter of fact I’ve talked to several MMO players that I know and we all seem to agree that we would all really enjoy playing a game in the same vein as the orignal EQ.

Ambassador DVinnThere are multiple reasons why I feel a game of that type is more fun than some of the current games that are available. An element for me that I’m sure would send most of todays MMO population to the forums en masse is an actual death penalty. Back in the original EQ I actually worried about dying. When I was exploring Clan Crushbone there was a real sense of thrill and danger. I wanted to move into the castle and see how far our party could get, see what mysteries were hidden away there. I still remember the first time I ever heard the name Ambassador DVinn – that name still strikes fear into me! I’ve never had such feelings in WoW, EQ II or any other mmo, because dying comes with no penalty… No corpse run, no Exp loss, no actual sense of failure at all… Without the death penalty some of the game’s liveliness fades, and thus the level of fun is diminished.

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Aion: First Impressions

Over this past weekend I spent a fair amount of time with the Aion Beta. As the title says these are my first impressions of what I’ve seen and experienced so far. There is much of the game left that I can’t really comment on because I haven’t reached it yet. As of the time of this post I have a level 16 Asmodian Templar.

I’ll start by talking about the game client and launching the game itself…For me this was one of the worst things about the game. The game is bundled with some hacking prevention software known as nProtect Gameguard. Now as far as I know there is no way to disable this software, and doing so is (I assume) against the ToS/EULA. The software is in place to prevent people from using third party programs to bot, or otherwise run hacks/exploits within the game. In theory that’s great, but in practice the software is clunky and just downright sucks. For me personally as a user of Windows Vista in order to be able to lauch Aion without interferrence of gameguard I need disable the User Account Control as well as any firewall’s that are running on my pc. This is obviously a frustrating thing to have to do everytime you want to launch the game. On top of the annoyances that gameguard brings the game seems to launch rather slowly.


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Introducing The Game Dungeon!

I just wanted to make an introductory post to talk a bit about my past mmo experiences and what I want to do with this blog.

I started my journey into the world of MMORPGs with the original EQ. I’m sad to say that I didn’t get to experience the game in it’s prime nor any of the end game content that it had to offer. I started playing it pretty late and made it to about level 55 before SOE released EQ II. With the release of EQ II I decided I was probably too far behind in the original EQ to catch up and made the transition to it’s successor.

While EQ II is technically my second in mmo in a lot of ways I think of it as my first. It was the first one I hit the level cap in, and the first one in which I experienced endgame content. It was a very enjoyable game and sometimes I wish my friends had stuck with it, but they moved to WoW and I followed.

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