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Would You Play a More “Hardcore” MMO?

For some time now it seems that everytime I see a blog or forum post where someone is reminiscing about one of the old school MMOs like EverQuest someone always has to jump in with the “Everquest was horrible!” and “There will never be another game with such “harsh” gameplay!” Now I can’t help but think to myself why can’t there be another game like that? I for one long to play a game that is full of challenges! A game that doesn’t get nerfed everytime some whiny little brat makes a forum post about how he doesn’t have all the epic loot in the game yet!? As a matter of fact I’ve talked to several MMO players that I know and we all seem to agree that we would all really enjoy playing a game in the same vein as the orignal EQ.

Ambassador DVinnThere are multiple reasons why I feel a game of that type is more fun than some of the current games that are available. An element for me that I’m sure would send most of todays MMO population to the forums en masse is an actual death penalty. Back in the original EQ I actually worried about dying. When I was exploring Clan Crushbone there was a real sense of thrill and danger. I wanted to move into the castle and see how far our party could get, see what mysteries were hidden away there. I still remember the first time I ever heard the name Ambassador DVinn – that name still strikes fear into me! I’ve never had such feelings in WoW, EQ II or any other mmo, because dying comes with no penalty… No corpse run, no Exp loss, no actual sense of failure at all… Without the death penalty some of the game’s liveliness fades, and thus the level of fun is diminished.

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