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What’s in a Name?

Some good news for those who were stressing about the excessive limit to guild names in Aion. Ayase has announced that they will be increasing the character limit for the western version of the game! Here is the quote:

I don’t know if this is something we’ll be able to get in there for the next event or at launch, but there will be a substantial increase of length for legion names.

As for character names, I’m unsure, there will definitely be convention alterations, but I’ll let it remain unsaid whether or not the maximum length will be changed.

Now Ayase says he doesn’t know if this will be implemented in time for launch, but I certainly hope so as I know this will affect many guilds out there!

The bit about character names is also interesting. He says there will be convention alterations. Hopefully that means that there will be no more capital letters in the middles of peoples names, or people with every other letter capitalized, and lets not forget people with numbers in their name!(the last item i’ve only heard of and haven’t witnessed myself, so not entirely sure on the accuracy of that bit) I am very happy to hear about this! It’s bad enough to see 20 people running around with various spellings of Legolas and Arthas without seeing a bunch morons named LeGoLaS or Arthas285…


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